We are a small hobby breeder of the Alaskan Klee Kai, located in SW Michigan. We breed with an eye towards conformation, health, and temperament. Though years of working with first horses and then sport dogs, we’ve developed a deep belief in the old adage that the best for both humans and animals is the being who possesses 'a sound mind in a sound body’. We breed, with an eye to that most desired combination; for a dog who can and wants to move and yet is trainable and tractable in a way that allows it be a joy to live with. After all, they are, before all else, our companions and pets.


Klee Kai came into our lives after years of doing sports with the most beloved companion, RO1, GRACH, C-ATCH Dreighton Skye RN, AX, MXJ, CGC. As you can see by his many titles, Drieghty had a long go, in many sports, he was not a conformation prospect due to being above standard in size for a Pomeranian, but we spent our time together playing the games we both loved and building a partnership that we both enjoyed. Then along came our Sheltie RO1, AGII, GRCH Sympa’s Believe in the Journey CL1, CGC.  Rylee was our introduction to the world of conformation showing, and a continuation of our fun with dog sports. Due to a chronic shoulder injury, she has been altered and retired, and is now living a life of leisure, keeping her human ‘dad’ company when the Klee Kai are off playing sports and showing with their ‘humom’.



Klee Kai came onto our radar around 2006, when we had realized that we would never own another Pomeranian the size and build of Drieghty. We were looking for a dog in that type package; we loved his size, we love the intelligence, athleticism, the daring, and the propensity to be problem solvers of the northern breed dogs. We’ve always loved being in the company of an animal that will make us think to stay one step ahead of them. One day at Premier, the UKC’s National show held very near our home every year, the Klee Kai caught our eyes, and we were off to explore just what they really were and the possibility of one day becoming Klee Kai owners. Thanks go to both Sheila Sweet of Fusion of Exxcellence Klee Kai, and Jacki Pauly of Hope Klee Kai for two joyous Klee Kai that keep us thinking and laughing everyday!




Special thanks to partner and husband, Stan, whose patience, understanding, and support make all this possible for me and for our dogs.