AKK Information

AKK come in 3 sizes:

        Toy - up to 13" tall

        Mini - over 13" up to and including 15"

        Standard - over 15" up to and including 17" (for show) over 17.5" considered 'eliminating fault'


AKK come in four basic colors:

        Black and White

        Gray and White

        Red and White

        All White - though not a preferred color (UKC will register white puppies, however they can not be shown)

        All with various eye colors from brown, blue, hazel, amber, to parti....and any combination of the two - bi eyed being eyes of two 

             different colors, parti eye being an eye of two different colors


AKK have a double coat, a shorter fluffy undercoat and a longer outercoat of guard hair.  Like all double coated breeds, AKK 'blow coat' meaning shed their under coats 2 times a year, at the least. During a particularly hot summer, you may find your AKK going through a second coat blow.  The rest of the year, they do shed but regular (at least weekly) brushing/combing should keep stray hair to a minimum.  We laugh and say our AKK only shed twice a year - January to June and July to December.  If hair is a definite concern for you, an Alaskan Klee Kai might not be the dog you really want in your home.


AKK are not noted for being super social dogs.  Certainly there are individuals who are more openly friendly than others. But by the UKC standard, the AKK is affectionate with family members, but can be reserved and cautious with strangers and in unfamiliar situations.  Early and systematic socialization is a must for a Klee Kai.  To that end we are committed to the ©Puppy Culture program for giving our puppies the best in early enrichment and learning, a jump start on their assimilation into the world of their new friends and families, however socialization should continue throughout the dog's life.


AKK are also not noted for being barkers, however, they aren't noted for being quiet dogs either.  Like their many northern cousins, they 'talk', and sometimes even howl.  They will cry when is suits them and have been known to get neighbors, even in houses, wondering just what a person is doing to their dog.  As such apartment living with an AKK can be a challenge, but not impossible.  We highly recommend the program Crate Games by Susan Garret for not only teaching comfort in the crate but also emotional self control.  Every Diva needs to know, there is a time and a place to be a Diva...and a time and place to relax, take a nap, and perhaps enjoy a nice 'chewie'.